Technical Art

Lighting Scenes

Below are two scenes showcasing real-time environmental lighting. Both scenes are pre-made levels that I used to demonstrate my understanding of lighting. 

Sigon Office
King Wash

Maya Rope Tool

Project Management Tool

This is an Art Management tool I created to provide a more organized pipeline when it comes to creating assets for a project. 

The Main interface creates and opens new project. Along with opening either Maya, Photoshop, or Unreal Engine.

  • File name edits/deletion

  • Pre-made asset directory with subfolders

  • Create new assets within program with asset type assigned 

Auto Rigger (Alpha)

This is a module for the auto rigger I created for Maya. It's written in python and has the features to bind skin and export engine ready. I'm still in Alpha phase but all functions are completely working.

This Rig is to be used on bipedal characters. There's also a IK/FK switch changing the state for each limb.

  • Move controllers to align with mesh

  • Create Proxy rig

  • FK limb manipulation

  • Switch to IK limb manipulation


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