Listed below are games that I've been apart of in the past few years starting with the most recent. The majority of them being school projects made using Unity or Unreal Engine. 

The Great Emu Wars


2-4 player Action, Kart Brawler

Unreal Engine 4.20

Suspicious Box (FIEA)

Fall 2018

I was the sole VFX Artist for this game. I created all stylized effects from scratch through the use of the Cascade in Unreal Engine 4. Most of the Effects created were to accent the environment or give conveyance to the players about movement or actions.



Online arena based action combat game

Unreal Engine 4.21

Calibur Studios

Fall 2018

Valor is a two player arena battle where player uses skill load outs to fight along with their own weapon customization. I was Team lead and VFX artist for this project. I worked on many hero abilities along with weapon clash effects.

Hyper Vital


1st person, Thriller, Emergent Puzzle 

Unreal Engine 4.19

Team Bees

FIEA  Capstone

Summer 2018


Hyper Vital is my Master's Capstone Game. I worked on this project as a Technical Artist, Level Designer, and Art Lead. My tasked ranged from asset creation, to game performance and optimization, to VFXs. There where many ups and downs with the production of this game but we were able to complete it and become the 1st team to make an Emergent game at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy.  

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Merry Mayhem

1st person Isometric, Top Down Shooter, Action

Unreal Engine 4.12

University of Central Florida

School of Visual Arts and Design

Team: Most Oldest People

Fall 2016

I was Lead Design and also helped Co-Produce Merry Mayhem. Along with delegating task and creating schedules, I lead the design process for levels, characters, and mechanics. In engine I mainly worked with environment dressing, lighting, and post processing effects. However I took on the role as a second 3D modeler and created the main character's gun along with the the environmental assets in the final boss encounter. 


3rd person shooter, Action/Adventure, Open World, Unreal Engine 4.12

University of Central Florida

School of Visual Arts and Design

Team: Coda 986

Summer 2016

In this game I served as the 3D environmental artist and co-level designer. This is the first time anyone in my team had even touch Unreal and  in two months we created a complete 30-minute 3rd person shooter.


1st Person Brawler, Action, Boss-Battles, Unity

University of Central Florida

School of Visual Arts and Design

Team: IGIT

Spring 2016

For Pi Punchout I created objects for the level's environment and many different punch-able props used through out the game. Because this is also a multiplayer game (1-4 people), it ended up having the best results from students than any of my previous projects. I also help showcase this game at Orlando iX 2016.