Welcome, to my personal website with all my recent published work and current projects. I'm a game developer who specializes in Technical Art for both video games and simulations. Although I have a background in 3D Environmental Art modeling, I spend most of my time as a Special Effect artist. I have worked for the past years on perfecting my skills and learning good workflows when create assets. I have experience modeling, texturing, rendering, implementing, and placing art into many different engines.  A few of the programs I use in my process are:

Autodesk Maya 2014 & 2016 
3D Coat
Adobe Photoshop
Unreal Engine 4 (Source Control with Perforce)
Unity 5
Substance Painter & Designer 


My ​Skill Set:

Visual Effects/Particles

Python/MEL Scripting

Tech Art (Rigging)

3D Asset Creation (Enviroment/Props)
Level Design
Level Lighting




Kristal Nembhard

Tel: 407-721-4342

Email: kristalnembhard@gmail.com

Website: kristalnembhard.com

Looking forward to answering your email.

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